Dido Unveils ‘Let Us Move On’ Featuring Kendrick Lamar, New Album Titled ‘Girl Who Got Away’!

This truly is Christmas y’all!

Songstress supreme Dido is FINALLY back after a 4 year hiatus people – she’s just unveiled a brand new single titled ‘Let Us Move On‘ featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar – undoubtedly one of the most promising names in the biz right now – the first from her upcoming 4th studio album titled ‘Girl Who Got Away‘ scheduled for release on March 4th, 2013.

And if you’ve missed the Dido (especially on her last album ‘Safe Trip Home‘) who shook the very core of your existence and made you cry at 4 am in the morning listening to ‘White Flag‘ and ‘Life For Rent‘, well good news for you. SHE’S BACK!

Face it – no one handles a break-up quite as amazingly as Dido does. I mean ‘White Flag‘? ‘Thank You‘?

The British chanteuse returns to form with ‘Let Us Move On‘ – a brooding, soulful track about trying to move on post a break-up. Dido’s unmistakably lush vocals float serenely over the addictive melody as she gently croons –

Don’t wrap it up in gold,
Or hide it behind the sun
Just give it to me as it is,
And let it stand…

Lamar’s verses fit quite well indeed, and as previously proven (‘Stan‘ with Eminem), Dido’s rap/sung collaborations slay – and how!

After the relatively luke-warm sales of her 3rd studio effort ‘Safe Trip Home‘ (as compared to her 21-million selling début ‘No Angel‘ and the 14-million selling follow-up ‘Life For Rent‘), this should easily bring her back on top!

I’m officially addicted, and I can’t wait for the album, which boasts of collabos by A R Rahman and her brother Rollo among a host of others!

Check out Dido’s brand new single ‘Let Us Move On‘ featuring Kendrick Lamar right here :