Adele’s ’21’ Crosses 10 Million In US Sales!

There are pop stars. There are vocalists. And then there’s Adele. Who, of course, CAN WIPE HER BEHIND WITH ALL YOUR FAVES COMBINED TOGETHER.

While she’s busy rolling in the deep being a doting mother to her adorable baby boy (‘m jealous, having a mom like Adele might just be the next best thing than being Adele herself), and basking in the glory of another slay-worthy smash ‘Skyfall‘ which has basically hit the top 10 of every chart in this milky way, the flaw-free vocal goddess’s sophomore album ‘21‘, which I’m pretty sure your bearded great grand-aunt and her pet walrus owns a copy (or two) each, has just earned another accolade, which just makes it all the more difficult to remember the gadontabazillion records the woman has broken already.

Within 92 weeks of its release, Adele’s ‘21‘ surpasses sales of an unprecedented 10 million units in the US, after selling another 28,000 units this week – taking the total sales of ‘21‘ to 10,020,000 units in the US alone! The last album to achieve such sales in a shorter span? N’Sync’s ‘No Strings Attached‘ which crossed the 10 million mark within 43 weeks in January 2001.

The album, which spun off 3 consecutive # 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including 2011’s biggest hit ‘Rolling In The Deep‘, ‘Someone Like You‘ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain‘ along with another top 20 hit ‘Rumor Has It‘ – is now the 21st (the irony!) album to shift 10 million units since 1991 – the beginning of the Nielsen Soundscan era.

But then again, are we surprised? Absolutely not.

With that utterly devastating voice of hers, the music that she’s created is fodder for multiple generations of aspiring American Idol and X-Factor hopefuls. Tissue companies should literally be paying her royalties for the number of boxes they have sold to cater to the obnoxious amounts of water being shed by all the broken hearts of the galaxy, howling away to ‘Someone Like You‘.

And who, pray, sells these kinda numbers these days?

Rihanna, instagram queen with 12 # 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, went wild over Twitter and Facebook when ‘Talk That Talk‘ sold a mind-boggling, unprecedented, ¬†unheard of 1 million copies. Platinum y’all – over an entire year. Her combined discography of 6 albums and 2 remixed albums since 2005 has sold less than Adele’s ‘21‘. Ella ella eh?

And then we have Katy Perry who has released, re-released, re-re-released her ‘Teenage Dream‘ extravaganza with 6 # 1 singles and 8 top 3 hits from the era. Barely touching the 3 million mark in the US after almost 2 and a half years of relentlessly pushing the album.

And of course, Lady Gaga’s epic ‘Born This Way‘, with way much more promo than the world could handle, has yet to touch the 3 million mark in the US, with roughly 6 million units sold globally. Gaga ooh la la indeed.

Compare these numbers to ‘21‘, which stands at a staggering 25 million units worldwide in less than 2 years since it’s released, and there you have it. Faith in humanity may just be restored again – good music still sells y’all.

If you haven’t yet listened to, or brought the album, well SHAME ON YOU.

Get it, and save yourself the embarrassment of not listening to probably one of the greatest albums in history.