Band Alert! : Casper And The Howling.

Casper And The Howling!


After a month’s abstinence from blogging, it’s back! So much accumulated music to share and such awesome bands to shed some spotlight on.  So much of today’s media is focused on acts that give their promoters 6 figure paychecks. Even bands like ‘The Black Keys’ got worldwide acceptance after half a decade of composing some of the best music in recent years.

But here on Zomgtalk, we continue this habit of featuring unknown gems, that we believe, deserve the same accolades as their peers. We bring you Casper And The Howling.

Located in Central London, this group draws their inspiration from genres like ‘blues‘, ‘root rock‘ and some ‘grunge‘ too.

People say there’s no room for old school rock ‘n’ roll in times ruled by electronic music. They may even be right, as concert and EP sales statistics suggest. But one thing there will always be room for, is talent and creativity.  Both of which these band members possess a lot of.

Cas Christensen – Vocals / Guitar
Matt Hanson – Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Tad MacDonald – Bass / Vocals
Marcus Weaver – Drums

As on their Facebook page :

          “Cas Christensen met bass player Tad MacDonald at a recording session in 2009- the son of songwriter Pete Brown (member of 60’s super group ‘Cream’), who shared his love for the blues. Tad introduced Cas to Matt Hanson- a frustrated indie-rock guitarist, with an urge to bring soul back to the mainstream. Together with R&B drummer Marcus Weaver, the three formed Casper & The Howling.

Casper & The Howling has supported the likes of The Zombies, The Wombats and Findlay Quaye, and are planning the release of their first album ‘Troublesome Ways’ for spring 2013.”

Neat Sound!


          These guys are quite good, let’s hope they make it big. As for us, we just enjoy what they churn out and share it with who we know. Waiting for their debut album “Troublesome Ways’ .

  • Rajvi

    Another great band! These guy are actually amazing. Catchy music and love their expressions in face the music. Good work, Raheel!