Video Premiere : Ellie Goulding’s ‘Figure 8′

Folktronica chanteuse and overall awesomeness Ellie Goulding’s sophomore album ‘Halcyon‘ is fast on track to become one of my fave albums of the year peeps. Surreal, ethereal – I cannot get enough of the LP, particularly her genteel slow jams.

Rarely have I blogged about so many songs from a single album that have caught my fancy. It was ‘Hanging On‘ featuring Tinie Tempah which caught my fancy, and then the album track ‘Dead In The Water‘. And now it’s the official second single ‘Figure 8‘ produced by Monsta that gets the video treatment – and it’s an aural and visual masterpiece.

Obsessive love forms the basic theme of the album, and ‘Figure 8‘ is one of those songs that chronicles the anguish brilliantly. The disconnected visuals of the new clip goes very well with the dubstep infused song, as the British songstress laments about a love that failed to live up to its promise of infinity while crooning –

‘Place a kiss on my cheekbone
Then you vanish me
I’m buried in the snow
But something tells me I’m not alone
But lovers hold on to everything
And others hold on to anything..’

The breaking dishes, the blood-red fabric, the scenes where Ellie writhes in palpable pain – it’s sorta soul-wrenching to watch the entire video, cuz we’ve all been there, done that – haven’t we?

Check out the new video for Ellie Goulding’s single ‘Figure 8‘ right here :