Video Premiere : Nicki Minaj Tries Couture For ‘Freedom’, Slays Your Faves!

Fresh after her slay-age at the 2012 American Music Awards (where she picked up 2 coveted trophies), Pottymouth Extraordinaire Mizz Nicki Minaj celebrates the re-release of her sophomore smash, now titled ‘Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up‘ by unveiling a brand new video for the song ‘Freedom‘.

Irrespective of her sophomore smash debuting atop the global charts, I felt the project was a bit over-the-top, with multiple videos being released simultaneously covering all formats from pop, rap, hip-hop and R’n’B. None, apart from the first single ‘Starships‘, made a major impact on the charts – unlike the carefully chosen single and video releases from her debut album ‘Pink Friday‘, which essentially made sure the album, slowly yet steadily, went multi-platinum globally.

Thankfully though, the re-release of Nicki’s sophomore album seems promising, and ‘Freedom‘ stands out as one of the better singles on the re-up, especially when compared to the very VERY generic ‘Boys‘ featuring Cassie.

A mellowed-down and introspective Nicki is a rare phenomenon, and ‘Freedom‘ is precisely the kinda jam that made me fall in love with Nicki in the first place. I love how amazing she sounds toned down, and she’s definitely mastered the art of juxtaposing lush melodies with brazen verses to rather stunning results – think of the album track ‘Dear Old Nicki‘ – one of my faves on ‘Pink Friday‘.

The video for ‘Freedom‘ was shot in England by Colin Tilley, and Nicki looks gorgeous in couture – a very unlikely sight for a woman who wore an entire toy store to the MTV VMA’s not too long ago, and dressed as a nun for the Grammy’s, replete with a Pope-like-creature for her date. The solemn black-and-white clip is definitely one of her best, and it stands out as compared to the multiple videos she relentlessly unleashed featuring her signature Harajuku Barbie theme with a wig collection that desperately needs a separate Twitter account.

Check out the video for ‘Freedom‘ right here :