Watch : Pink’s EXTRAORDINARY Performance Of ‘Try’ At The 2012 AMA’s

Firstly, do NOT try to recreate this at home, assuming yourself to as flaw-free. You might just die. Not kidding here.

The thing about Pink’s live performances is that they truly, truly are a class apart. No one in the biz executes such daring moves with ample class and ease like Pink, keeping her notes on point during her incredible routines.

She outdid literally EVERYONE in the game with the live performance of ‘Glitter In The Air‘ at the 2010 Grammy Awards, and this year, she maintains her tradition of SLAYING EVERYONE with another jaw-dropping performance of her latest single, ‘Try‘ at the 2012 American Music Awards.

Watch and take a bow, as Pink re-creates the Floria Sigismondi directed video for the second single of her Billboard # 1 Album ‘The Truth About Love‘ on the sparse AMA stage covered in rainbow-colored make-up with her male co-star in the video Colt Prattes, replete with the super-human acrobatic steps (the Apache Dance), reaching a crescendo with furniture being smashed.

The upside down balancing act? Colt being smashed on the table? The fight sequences? I’m speechless.


Check out the thoroughly free of flaw performance right here :