Keyshia Cole Unveils Intense New Video ‘Trust And Believe’

R’n’B/Soul siren Keyshia Cole is arguably one of the few chosen successors to step into the shoes of R’n’B icon Faith Evans and the Queen Of Hip Hop/Soul Mary J Blige.

With just days away from the release of her feverishly anticipated 5th studio album ‘Woman To Woman‘ (November 19th), the ‘Let It Go‘ chanteuse has been busy stepping up the promo, especially since she’s going up against Rihanna, AC/DC, Coldplay, Kid Rock and Philip Philips among others – ALL releasing albums on the same day.

With her reality show ‘Family First‘ supporting the release of the new album, Mizz Cole is expected to debut high, and achieve higher numbers than her previous album, 2010’s ‘Calling All Hearts‘, that bowed with comparatively underwhelming first week sales and achieved less than stellar overall sales of just 346,000 units in the US till date, becoming her only album to miss the Platinum certification.

With the first single ‘Enough Of No Love‘ making it all the way to # 7 on the Billboard R’n’B/Hip Hop Songs Chart, expectations from the second single are high.

Thankfully Keyshia unveils new a stunning and intense video supporting the album’s second single, ‘Trust And Believe‘ written and produced by The Righterz and produced by DJ Camper, and this takes us back to the same Keyshia who slayed with jams like ‘Love‘ and  ‘Let It Go‘ featuring Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim.

Directed by Benny Boom, the video features Keyshia as a distraught woman whose lover cheats on her with her best friend. Major chills by the end of the video y’all.

I’m very here for Keyshia’s new album. Check out ‘Trust And Believe‘ right here :