Video Premiere : Ke$ha Heats It Up As A Cult Leader In ‘Die Young’

Glitter pop princess Ke$ha has finally unveiled what happens to be an, err, interesting video for her new single ‘Die Young‘ – the first off her forthcoming sophomore LP ‘Warrior‘ due December 4th.

There’s not much of a story in the clip, and it’s all about Ke$ha having an orgy with members of her supremely gorgeous cult in a church in Mexico with random Illuminati/Masonic symbols present everywhere, with some brief, yet fierce choreography thrown in.

It’s part psychedelic, part raunchy and basically crazy.

I’d look forward to seeing Ke$ha as a video artist sometime soon. She’s got the hits on her side, and a few good videos just might push her ahead of her¬†competitors aka Rihanna and Taylor Swift who are slaying with cleverly crafted videos accompanying their present hits.

Check out the video for ¬†‘Die Young‘ right here :