Song Premiere : The Band Perry’s ‘Better Dig Two’

A majority of legit artists, both new and established, can only dream of  their Grammy nominated Platinum-certified début album spending a staggering 103 weeks on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, spawning a handful of multi Platinum # 1 hits on the country charts, and moving almost 1.5 million units in the US alone.

Slay-worthy? You bet! That’s what country crooners The Band Perry’s self-titled début smash has achieved so far – a commendable feat indeed. Easily one of the best albums last year (and my fave songs ‘Walk Me Down The Middle‘ and ‘Lasso‘ weren’t even released as singles. UGH), the album set the tone for greater things to come – making the band a staple on every award show this year, of course winning them a handful of well deserved ones as well.

While Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry gear up for the release of their insanely anticipated sophomore extravaganza in early 2013, fans get a taste of what to expect in the form of the first single ‘Better Dig Two‘ from the new project.

Firstly, the band REFUSES to let go of their obsession with death y’all. Think ‘If I Die Young‘ – their quadruple Platinum breakthrough single – without the lush factor. The Rick Rubin produced track sees the trio unleash a rather dark ode to a woman’s undying love for her husband.

Put me in the ground / Put me six foot down / And let the stone say / Here lies the girl whose only crutch / Was loving one man just a little too much / If you go before I do / I’m gonna tell the grave digger that he better dig two.

Creepy? I guess! But the song never really comes across as crazy, spooky or insane, but rather an honest vow by a woman who really cannot bear the thought of being away from her husband.

Kimberly’s voice soars over the hand claps and banjos, as she valiantly declares –

So if the ties that bind ever do come loose / Tie ‘em in a knot like a hangman’s loose / Cause I’ll go to heaven or I’ll go to hell / Before I see you with someone else.

Well, looks like the band’s all set to push the envelope with the new album, and I’m TOTALLY pumped about this! Bring it on!

Check out the brand new song right here :