Throwback Tuesday : Berlin’s ‘Take My Breath Away’

It’s Throwback Tuesday again y’all, which means you need to get off your butts and bow down, cuz we have yet another L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y song in the house today!

It’s the beginning of the festive season here in India, which means just one thing. I need to schedule my liposuction appointments. #YOLO. And then you have the issue of facing irritating relatives and friends whom you’ve blissfully ignored over the past few months – life IS cruel in case you didn’t know. AND it also signifies the onset of winter – shorter days, longer nights, UNREASONABLY romantic thoughts penetrating your minds etc. – haven’t you noticed them already? Then learn not to be such zombies and pay attention y’all. Geez!

Anyway, as per usual, I’ve selected a song that fits the mellow mood all around, and it’s the eternally sacred love theme ‘Take My Breath Away‘ by American synth-pop band Berlin taken from the Tom Cruise-starring ‘Top Gun‘ that graces our Throwback Tuesday post of the day! Commence cuddling your pillows/teddy-bears/lovers and get those tissue boxes out NOW. Released in 1986, this song has pretty much entered the realms of legend. Period. The lush synths, Terri Nunn’s longing vocals and the stunning melody was ALL that was needed to break a million hearts, and unleash some rather unmentionable fantasies among women and some men of all ages regarding Tom Cruise. Truly a classic love song that transcends all boundaries.

Till date, ‘Take My Breath Away‘ remains the only # 1 single by Berlin, as well as their last hit single on the charts, before the band disbanded. The song eventually won the Academy Award as well as the Golden Globe in 1986 for Best Original Song, and went on to top both the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart as well as the UK Top 40. Check out the now-iconic music video right here :