Pink Unveils INSANE New Video For ‘Try’, Remains Notably Flawless!

The impossibly talented and endlessly fascinating pop titan Pink has just unveiled a video for the fiery second single ‘Try‘ from her 6th studio album ‘The Truth About Love‘ that debuted atop the Billboard 200 Albums Chart a few weeks ago. And all I have to say is :


I’m shaking and seizing here people. Forever flawless, Pink outdoes herself yet again. The Greg Kurstin produced ‘Try‘ is accompanied by a stellar visual by Floria Sigismondi befitting the song, perfectly capturing the very essence of a violently passionate and troubled relationship via some superhuman acrobatic moves (The Apache Dance) with an incredibly ripped New York based dancer Colt Prattes – easily establishing the fact that Pink is STILL as under-rated as ever. This probably is one of the best videos of her entire catalog, and she easily outdoes anything that she’s done over the past few years (none of which have been anything less than phenomenal). Check out the insane new video for ‘Try‘ right here :