Video Premiere : Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’!

It’s the mighty Legentina Slayguilera y’all!

FINALLY, after what seemed like 345,789,451 teaser clips later, Mizz Christina Aguilera has unveiled what happens to be a very insanely fine new video for her brand new single ‘Your Body‘, the first from her feverishly anticipated new album, ‘Lotus‘ due November 13th. The Melina Matsoukas directed clip is totally fun and campy – with Mizz Aguilera playing the sexy vampy vixen, out to destroy some gorg looking men that come her way. Clearly, Mizz Woohoo is having a great time here, keeping it light with a sense of humor. I love it – and I’m glad she surprised us with a video that was completely unexpected of her. Check out her damn curves y’all, as she delivers some sass like only she could! Especially the scene where she suggestively wipes blue paint off her face after a guy bashing session in the men’s room! I’m definitely excited with the new direction Christina has taken with the new project. She undoubtedly boasts of one of THE most powerful voices of our generation, and I’m happy she’s using that powerful instrument of hers to the fullest as far as the new single is concerned. This time around, Mizz Aguilera’s all set to deliver! CANNOT WAIT FOR ‘LOTUS’ PEOPLE!!! Check out the visually arresting video for ‘Your Body‘ right here :