Band Alert : The Zanibar Aliens

          Today, almost every song by every band is up on the internet. Hidden way way below all the famous, publicized, “featured” and commercialized artists that are thrown in our faces, lies some genuine talent.

          The Zanibar Aliens are one such find. Based in Portugal, they started out in 2011. I was initially planning to disclose their USP a little later in this article but what the heck.

They aren’t even of a legal driving age yet.


Their Influences Include :

Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns n’roses, Beatles, Queen, AC/DC, Poison, Motley Crue, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Iron maiden well basically anything that relates to Rock ‘n Roll.”


Band Members :


Martim Seabra – Lead Guitar and bass guitar (16 years old)

Carl Fernandes – Lead Singer, piano (17 years old)

Filipe Fernandes – Rhythm Guitar and bass guitar (15 years old)

Diogo Braga – Drums (15 years old)


Even at such a young age the maturity in their music, lyrics and their recording techniques clearly outlines this group as having good potential. Zanibar Aliens do sound a little amateur-ish but that’s because they’re not even signed by any record labels yet.

So before I start sounding like a fanboy, from Portugal here are Zanibar Aliens.

If you’ve ever heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ by Queen, you will clearly see its influence in this next one. Never since Queen’s song itself have I seen someone pull off such a template in an original. Immediately after that “rhapsody” they go into a mystic groove often seen in Led Zeppelin songs like ‘White Summer Black Mountainside‘.

And of course, no upcoming band is complete without at least one break out song. The end sounds uncannily like Robert Plant’s vocal inflictions and then Jimmy Page’s scale running sign-off.

Creativity truly has no laws. Cheers to The Zanibar Aliens, here’s to the guys who are,

“….just a bunch of kids that really know how to make good music.