No Doubt And Pink Duet On ‘Just A Girl’ At iHeartRadio Music Festival. Too Much Flawlessness Ensues.

Y’all know the innumerable times I’ve fantasized about collaborations by some of my favorite artists, so much so that I actually compiled a list of 10 such fantasy collaborations almost a year ago when I started this blog? (read it right here). They never really materialize in reality though you know. Fantasy is, but a dream. Right?


Last week, the fashionably flaw-free and backward aging Gwen Stefani and her boys, comprising of No Doubt (in case you’re living under a rock) performed their breakthrough single ‘Just A Girl‘ at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The 42-year-old Stefani was her usual self. SLAYING the stage with the energy of Lady Gargoyle, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry all combined and raised to the millionth power. Flaws? None at all. Vocally, Gwen has it better than ever. And those abs. THOSE ABS. BRB guys, just trashing  my tootsie-pop collection.

And just when you thought everything in this world was a-ok, Mizz Stefani announced –

‘Ladies and gentlemen – PINK!!’

The audience roared, the heavens opened up, and I began shaking and seizing. A single tear flowed down my cheek, as pop titan Pink walked out, displaying some serious swag like only she could. And then she bowed down, kissed Gwen and she did push ups.


Following which she joined Gwen in a thoroughly INSANE high-energy rendition of ‘Just A Girl‘, and that was just EVERYTHING. Nobody, but nobody could have done it better than Pink. Both Gwen and Pink have feverishly anticipated albums coming out this year, with Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love‘ poised to début at # 1 globally this week, while No Doubt’s first album in 11 years, ‘Push And Shove‘ FINALLY releases tomorrow. It’s a good year for music y’all. And in the words of Pink, ‘Cuz Gwen’s the raddest f***ing girl in the world isn’t she?‘ Check out the incredible duet right here :