Last 24 Hours Of Jimi Hendrix


James Marshall Hendrix


          42 Years ago, on this very day, 18th September 1970, the world woke up to a morning that would send shock waves throughout the music industry. Jimi Hendrix, the then biggest artist in the world had died. Newspapers, radio, television all went into a frenzy about the rumors surrounding his death. The fans and media both fell in love with the idea of ‘famous rockstar dies off of his own indulgence’. Choking on his own vomit, overdose of heroine, and some have even suggested that Jimi was flown to Los Angeles at night, killed and then flown back to his hotel room. The truth however is quite different.

So what did happen on his last day on earth?

To grasp the complete nature of events, we must revisit key moments from Jimi’s career.



Chas Chandler, bassist and back-up vocalist of the band ‘The Animals‘, had turned music scout after The Animals disbanded in 1966. He traveled around America in search for something new. One night, Chas went to ‘Cafe Wha‘ in New York where he discovered the homeless and penniless Jimi Hendrix jamming with the house band.

So stunned was Chas that he was compelled to sell off all his guitars to bring Jimi to London. In England, Chandler recruited bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell. Together with Hendrix, the trio formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Chandler became the band’s manager and produced their first two albums. He was also instrumental in introducing Hendrix to Eric Clapton.

1 month after arriving in London, Jimi Hendrix had terrified the likes of Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck. Within 6 months of arriving in London, Hendrix became the biggest act in the world.

Never before in history, or since, has anyone reached such a level of success as quickly as him.



Jimi goes into outer space.

May 12, The Jimi Hendrix Experience release their hugely successful debut album, ‘Are You Experienced‘. It was kept away from the No.1 spot on the UK charts only by The Beatles‘ album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band‘. So what does Hendrix do? He learns the title track and in his next gig, which was just 2 days later, plays it as the opening song.

He nails it!

To compound the “epicness” of the moment, can you guess who was in the crowd? The Beatles. Paul McCartney later admits that he held John Lennon‘s hand and that they both felt threatened.

This is a man at his very best. At his peak. This is Jimi Hendrix.



The man becomes a phenomenon. Constant touring and always stoned had become the Jimi Hendrix way. Yet playing guitar anywhere, anyhow, anytime was still his biggest addiction.

By now Chas was growing frustrated with his perfectionism coupled with various friends crowding the record studios drinking and smoking. Even so, they released ‘Electric Ladyland‘. The album jumped to the top spot on both the US and UK Charts. It contained the iconic songs ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)‘ and ‘All Along The Watchtower‘, which Bob Dylan himself was extremely fond of.

Jimi was now evolving out of his rock ‘n’ roll infatuation and wanted to make more spiritual music. It meant that his music wouldn’t be commercially viable in many ways. He was never really bothered about chart ratings much. He just wanted to make music that appealed to him and that would touch the audience’s soul.

This marks the end of Chas Chandler as the groups manager, who was growing impatient with Jimi’s new musical direction.


Enter Michael Jeffery. The new manager.


- – – – – – This is where we break off from the timeline – – – – – -

 Suspect 1 : Mike Jeffery 


Mike Jeffery was always a shadowy character. He was previously the manager of The Animals. They always considered Mike as the reason for the band breaking up. They claim he worked the group into the ground and appropriated most of their earnings.

When Chas Chandler, needed funds for Hendrix, he approached Mike with mixed feelings. Mike handled the business aspect while Chas was in charge of production of the band. But with Chas out of the way, Mike became Jimi’s indispensable manager, or at least that’s what Mike wanted Jimi to believe.

Once, Jimi was resting in his hotel room, when 3 thugs came and abducted him for 3 days. Somehow, Mike miraculously rescues Jimi and brings him back. Another time, Hendrix was flying over from the US to England. He was caught at the airport and charged with possession of narcotic substances. This may not seem anything out of the ordinary for the rockstar, except that the drug was heroine. Jimi never did heroine.

It was becoming clear to Jimi that Mike was setting him up, manipulating people around him and making himself seem like the most crucial aspect of Jimi’s life.

His friends had even procured documents from Jeffery’s office proving that Mike was stealing huge amounts of money from Jimi in many different ways.

1) Mike took roughly 4/5th the money from each gig that belonged to Jimi outright,

2) He had 60% of all future royalties on Hendrix from 1968 onwards,

3) He siphoned off most of the earnings from the album sales to an off shore account,

And most importantly,

4) He had a 2 million dollar insurance in his name against Jimi’s death.


Suspect 2 : Monika Dannemann


Monika was Jimi’s girlfriend from 1969 till the night he died. Her testimony and account of the events leading up to his death is the epicenter of finding the truth.

This is Monika’s account of the last day leading up to Jimi’s death.

Jimi slept well on tuesday and wednesday night, I dont know about thursday night.”

“We arrived home at about 8:30, I cooked a meal and we had a bottle of white wine by around 11:00pm. Had nothing to drink apart from the wine.”

“I had a bath and then we talked. There was no argument or stress, no unhappy atmosphere. I took a sleeping tablet at about 7:00 am.”

“I woke up at 10:20am and he was sleeping normally. I went to get cigarettes and when I got back, I got back into bed. he was breathing and his pulse was normal, but I could not wake him.”

“There were 9 of my sleeping tablets missing, when I saw him, before he went to sleep, he was very happy.”

“The ambulance didn’t arrive till 11:30. They reassured me that Jimi would be alright. I travelled with Jimi all the way to the hospital and waited in the car park for news. A nurse came to me and said Jimi was in bad shape but the medical team did hope that they could save him.”

These are the words and testimony Monika Dannemann gave as witness in court.


 Suspect 3 : CIA


The 60’s and 70’s were turbulent political times. Now publicly released confidential FBI documents show a sinister coalition between the United States Government and organized crime, set up specifically to “neutralize” prominent leaders of any group that could rebel against the government. The masterminds of this coalition were none other than history’s beloved Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover.

Black Panthers was one such organisation.

Those were times of huge racial discrimination. The Black Panthers was an organization that was formed to fight against this kind of injustice. They adopted whichever means were necessary to get their point across to the public as well as the government.

They were regulars at Jimi’s concerts.  Jimi himself made statements like “…they should march up to Washington and blow up the place”. 

You cannot talk like that and expect the government to not take notice.

The FBI documents also clearly show that Hendrix was now a prime target should the occasion arise.

But this doesn’t make any sense. Jimi Hendrix was just a musician. So stoned most of the times  that he even forgot the Master Recording of his album ‘Axis : Bold As Love’ in the back of a cab. They had to re-mix the entire first side overnight!

Surely he couldn’t have led a mass political movement, right?

He couldn’t. But his money could.

That is exactly what was holding The Black Panthers back from organizing major operations. They were strapped for cash. Jimi Hendrix funneling his money into The Black Panthers was a serious possibility. One that shook the US government.

Now, why would the mafia be in on this? Organised crime always had problems with musicians ever since the advent of the jukebox days.

Music meant musicians, musicians meant hippies, hippies meant drugs, and drugs meant more police. Also Jimi’s new studio ‘Electric Land Studio‘ was located in a heavily mafia occupied territory.


What Really Happened


All the elements were perfect for a political assassination.

The Insider : Mike Jeffery began his career as an intelligence agent for the government in MI6, enters a phase where very little is known about him, and then turns band manager for The Animals and Jimi Hendrix. He also had mob connections. Hence being able to carryout the abducting fiasco and planting heroine in Jimi’s luggage.

The Innocent Witness : Monika Dannemann’s testimony had holes the size of footballs, yet she was the only witness ever called on trial. None of the ambulance workers nor the nurses or doctors at the hospitals were made to give their statements. The doctor’s autopsy was also disregarded and the case was left as an ‘open verdict‘ meaning the actual circumstances of his death was never really published.


From all the information gathered here, all the signs point towards a murder and not an accidental death.

Here are the facts and the testimonies of all other witnesses regarding the case.

The Facts :

1) On the night before Hendrix died, he had 42 Vesperex tablets in his pocket. If he was committing suicide, he wouldn’t have had just the 9 as claimed by Monika. A chronic insomniac coupled with traces of amphetamine (A euphoria inducing drug that cancels out sedatives) in his blood would not be able to commit suicide by 9 Vesperexes.

2) He was wearing his full clothes that he wore during his performances. According to Monika’s statement they had turned in for the night and were in bed. He wouldn’t sleep in those clothes.

3) The ambulance men pledged that there was no one at the room when they arrived.

4) They also contradicted Monika’s claim of travelling with them to the hospital. They said no one else accompanied them.

5) They saw that Hendrix was already dead for a few hours by the time they arrived.

6) The doctor confirms this when, in his autopsy he mentioned that the patient had been dead for at least 7 hours.

7) The autopsy states that the patients’s lungs and stomach were filled with copious amounts of red wine. Also that his blood sample only contained 2mg of alcohol.


As we re-enact the death of Jimi Hendrix,

He must’ve been held down and a gallon of of red wine poured down his neck by either the mafia or Mike Jeffery or both. Or his head may have been submerged in a sink full of it. No other way could he possibly have wine in his stomach and lungs and still managed to have only 2mg of alcohol in his blood stream.

Jimi Hendrix was murdered and died on the spot by drowning in red wine. His body was then taken to his room and placed back in bed.

His murder benefited The Mafia, the US Government and most directly Mike Jeffery.

Mike was going out of contract as Jimi’s manager in December. Not only that, but he was also being sued by Jimi for mis-appropriation of his money, and Jimi died just one week before Mike was to appear in court. He had his 2,000,000 dollar insurance plan in place. It all worked very well for him.

This is Mike’s AMAZING confession made to James “Tappy” Wright and a similar one to Alan Douglas (a very close friend of Hendrix)

I was in London the night of Jimi’s death and together with some old friends . . . we went round to Monika’s hotel room, got a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth . . . then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe. I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive. That son of a bitch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I’d lose everything.



Monika Dannemann became a recluse after Jimi’s death. Her entire house was a shrine devoted to him.

So the question arises, Why did Monika give that false testimony. When a government approved hit takes place, the first step is to tie up all the loose ends. It’s not hard to imagine her being threatened with death if she ever chooses to reveal what happened that night.

Signature patterns of a political assassination emerge as we follow the actions of everyone involved.

1) Immediately a smear campaign is launched against Hendrix. Stories of rockstar typically overdosing on heroine (which he never took in his life) and choking on his own vomit circulate all around the world.

2) Mike Jeffery behaves like a guilty man, comes to the funeral of his own artist but sits in his car and drives away.

3) Monika Dannemann leaves behind the most hole riddled testimony so that hopefully in future someone will try to delve deeper to find the truth. (God bless her for that)

4) Devon Wilson (Jimi’s most trusted ‘right hand’ woman) “mysteriously” dies in 1971 by falling out the window of an 8 storey hotel.

5) Mike Jeffery himself perishes in a suspicious aeroplane crash in 1973.

6) Lastly, and most significantly, Monika Dannemann dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in her car just before she was supposed to go on air and discuss the real circumstances of Jimi’s death in 1995.


The CIA are responsible for the deaths of 28 Black Panthers in those days (29 in total now, including Tupac Shakur a.k.a 2Pac in 1996).


Jimi Hendrix died at the young age of 27, because the US Government was ‘afraid’ that he ‘might’ become part of the Black Panthers and help them fight for equality and justice to end racial discrimination. 


His career lasted just 4 years. His legacy will last an eternity.