Song Premiere : Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’!

Cuz all I wanna love your bod-aayy!!!

She’s back y’all!! And how! With those legendary bazooka-pipes blazing, Mizz Legentina Slayguilera unveils a defiant monster of a new single, ‘Your Body‘ – the first from her feverishly anticipated new album ‘Lotus‘. Over thumping drum beats and an addictive hook, Aguilera unleashes her signature¬†feisty¬†vocals that soar and carry the entire song through. Written by pop wiz Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotecha, ‘Your Body‘ is an apt return to form for the diva, who is arguably one of the best voices in music today, and has been so for the past decade – irrespective of a certain ‘Bionic‘ fiasco that was blown out of proportion thanks to comparisons to a certain Lady Gargoyle. ‘Lotus‘ will be released on November 13, while ‘Your Body‘ will be digitally released on September 17th. Check out the radio-edit version of the song right here (the uncensored version of the song with the lyrics ‘F*** Your Body‘ will be available on the album – CANNOT WAIT) :