Christina Aguilera’s New Album Titled ‘Lotus’, New Single ‘Your Body’ Releasing September 17th!


Mizz Legendtina Aguilera, aka Floptina Legend post her Bionic reign which saw her slay the charts in approximately zero countries globally, has finally decided to stop pouting and FINALLY unveil the name of her INSANELY anticipated new album. And Christina Aguilera’s new studio album has been titled –


While announcing the album name on Twitter during a live Q & A session with fans, the Goddess of Vanity wrote –

Lotus‘ is scheduled for a November release, and the first single, titled ‘Your Body‘ will be released on iTunes on the 17th of September.

A new album? A new single? A slay-worthy single cover? My body is VERY ready for this. Mizz Aguilera is undoubtedly one of the première voices in the business, and I do feel 2010’s ‘Bionic‘ was highly slept on. She’s pushed the envelope with every album she’s released, never repeating the same formula twice (how flawless was ‘Stripped‘?). Although a demo version of the song leaked online last week, I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE FINAL VERSION Y’ALL.

Basic divas, pop upstarts etc. Can you hear the sound of that? It’s a diamond-encrusted platinum disc of ‘Lotus‘ flying across the Universe representing a divine Chakram, SLICING off your wigs. Be afraid, and pray.