Lifehouse Unveils ‘Between The Raindrops’ Featuring Natasha Bedingfield

I belong to the school of people that believe that pop Goddess Natasha Bedingfield CAN DO NO WRONG. Last year, around the same time, the thoroughly free of flaw Mizz Bedingfield had unveiled her heart-breakingly lush collaboration with country royalties Rascal Flatts, ‘Easy‘, which went on to become one of my fave songs of 2012, along with her collaboration with rockers Simple Plan, ‘Jetlag‘. Oh and her INSANE collaboration with Nicki Minaj on her d├ębut album ‘Pink Friday‘ was one of the most under-rated songs of the album – and could have easily been a single. Although I’m DYING for Natasha’s next release following 2010’s criminally under-rated ‘Strip Me‘, I’m BUZZED that Mizz Bedingfield has just graced us with another collaboration. After a 2 year hiatus, rockers Lifehouse are back with a brand new single ‘Between The Raindrops‘ with a little help from Natasha herself! The duet serves as the first single from Lifehouse’s as-yet-untitled 6th studio album following 2010’s Gold-certified ‘Smoke And Mirrors‘, and is produced by their long-time collaborator Jude Cole. Vocally, Natasha Bedingfield blends in perfectly with Lifehouse, and the result is a rather haunting pop-rock power-ballad – something that Lifehouse has consistently delivered since 2001. Check out ‘Between The Raindrops‘ right here :