Band Alert : Back Door Slam

Introducing : Back Door Slam


At 17, most of us would hardly be thinking of becoming potential blues rock heavy weights. At 20, most of us would hardly be thinking of releasing a studio album. Back Door Slam did exactly that. Originally a 4 man band, these guys started playing local gigs in their teenage years. They suffered their 1st major set back in 2004 when their band member died in a car accident along with a close friend.  Determined to carry on in memory of their rhythm guitarist, they got back in 2007 and released their debut EP called ‘Roll Away‘ .

Back Door Slam can be best describe as a power trio. Their music is influenced by artists ranging from Dire Straits to Eric Clapton. They have toured with Living Legends such as The Who, Jeff Beck, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx, Kid Rock, etc. and have hundreds of gigs under their belt already. The current band members are :

Davy Knowles : Vocals and Lead Guitar
Ross Doyle : Drums
Adam Jones : Bass Guitar

But enough of me talking about them, this video will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about them :



          Davy Knowles, the band’s lead man, later released his solo album with the band called ‘Coming Up For Air‘ in 2009. Although the band itself has disbanded now to pursue further studies and explore their individual careers in music, they’ve left behind some outstanding music for everyone to hear. A MUST listen for everyone.