K-Pop Time With Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’!

Annyeong people! It’s time for some Korean Pop y’all, and as I’ve blogged (relentlessly) earlier – this genre is WAY TOO UNDER-RATED. Since late 2011, K-Pop has slowly, but steadily made a mark on the global music map, and with Billboard Magazine unveiling its weekly K-Pop Hot 100, getting a taste of this fantabulous world of insanely catchy hooks, fierce choreography and sleek music videos couldn’t get any easier. I’ve blogged about some of my fave K-Pop artists in earlier posts, including BoA and Girls’ Generation – the latter making some major moves on American shores with their first ever English language début ‘The Boys‘ earlier this year. Today I unveil a video that’s already on its way to become a global viral phenomenon – the most viewed video in the history of Korean Pop that’s fast becoming a staple on every credible chart worldwide as well, South Korean Rapper Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style‘!

With over 85 million views on YouTube already, this legitimately hilarious video boasts of some rather addictive dance moves by the clownish Psy (short for psycho – but of course) that you’ll invariably try out when you hit the dance-floor! The song’s rather simple, with a catchy hook that’ll invariably get stuck in your head. ‘Gangnam Style‘ has spent a whopping 5 weeks atop the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Singles Chart – the longest running # 1 single ever, and has already sold a massive 2.7 million units in Korea alone, and is all set to make an impact on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with 57,000 downloads sold in the US already.

Psy’s latest achievement? Roaring in at # 1 on the Billboard Social 50 Chart edging out the mighty Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber (with whom he’s rumored to be working with next – oh boy!). The song’s also charting in Canada, Netherlands, France, Asia etc., and is poised to blow up very soon indeed! The next ‘Macarena‘ maybe? We’ll all probably end up laughing at the success of this single sometime in the future (remember a clearly over-talented Rebecca Black charting on the Billboard Hot 100 with the poignant and legendary ‘Friday‘?), but until then, you might as well jump aboard the Gangnam train!

My fave moves? That booty-shaking leg raising thingie Psy does – it’s INCREDIBLE y’all!! Try it! Check out Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ right here :