Video Premiere : Mariah Carey’s ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Featuring Rick Ross And Meek Mills!

Glitter Goddess Supreme Mizz Slayriah Carey just unveiled a new video. A BRAND NEW MARIAH VIDEO Y’ALL!! Our Lady Of The Whistle Register, however, has decided to relinquish most of her screen space to a very obese Rick Ross wearing what appears to be a fur coat – the overall look probably an ode to Manny, the friendly mammoth in the Ice Age movies – in the video for ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)‘, the first single from her as-yet-untitled 14th studio album due early next year. Also featured (rather generously) is Rapper Meek Mills, who is the central character of the video, playing a boxer duking it out in the ring.

Firstly, that look. That body hugging golden dress. For a long LONG distance, no flaw is to be found at all. The woman looks amazing. And that’s the only good thing about this video. Considering that husband Nick Cannon directed it, one would have expected to see more of Mariah. Preferably in a more inspiring avatar than ever before, especially since motherhood is upon her. It’s a Mariah video after all, why reduce her to be a part of Meek Mill’s entourage in her own video? As much as I love the song (the original version has been the most played song on my playlist ever since it debuted – and unlike the rest of the Lambily, I don’t really care much about the gadontazillion remixes doing the rounds), the video is – well – alright. Not horrific. But just alright. It could have been a masterpiece though. Check it out right here :