Stuck In My Head : Joss Stone’s ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye’

There are approximately a gadontazillion reasons why I’m a fan of Soul songstress supreme Mizz Joss Stone.

For starters, that unparalleled set of pipes she possesses. Have you actually heard her belt out ‘Fell In Love With A Boy‘ from her immensely incredible 2003 début album, ‘The Soul Sessions‘? That’s right.


Fast-forward a decade (read I’m growing older at a feverish pace, my hair’s falling off, I burp way too much and obesity refuses to stop hounding me – WHY ME etc), the English enchantress has just released the follow-up to her 5 million-plus selling début smash, titled ‘The Soul Sessions Vol. 2‘, and of course the album had to roar its way into the top 10 of both the US and the UK upon its release, managing a # 10 début on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, as well as # 6 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart. And out of the 11 cuts that made it to the album, the remake of the John D. Loudermilk-written ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye‘, originally sung by Don Cherry in 1962 is essentially the best thing the girl’s recorded. EVER.

Firstly, anything that Miss Stone sings is objectively perfect. THIS, though, is a different story altogether. Contrary to her overpowering bluesy growls that dominate any given song of hers, a restrained subtlety is what this remake is all about. Think ‘4 And 20‘ from her 4th studio album ‘Color Me Free‘. Miss Stone delivers some rather serene vocals over acoustic guitars and strings on the Soul kissed remake of ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye‘ – effectively serving as a bridge between Retro-Soul and Neo-Soul, delivering an essentially well-balanced ballad that’s thoroughly lush, remarkably soulful and undoubtedly one of THE stand-out tracks from her entire discography. As Stone gorgeously croons ‘Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss, soften my dreams with your sigh‘ with an undertone of sadness and vulnerability, it’s hard not to be reminded of Aretha Franklin’s Atlantic years.

In the mood for a little luurve? Something positively mellow? Something you wanna listen to while snuggling up to someone special, preferably without any clothes on? Without further ado, witness the flawlessness that is Mizz Joss Stone’s ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye‘.

Make sure to pick up Joss Stone’s ‘The Soul Sessions Vol.2‘, the album’s out now!