The Thing About Wynter Gordon’s ‘Stimela’ Is That It’s Very Very Amazing!

A soaring and euphoric chorus sung in Zulu, over lush African tribal beats, with a raw and wild feel to the overall song defines the new direction that the royally under-rated Wynter Gordon has chosen to move in. Am I complaining?


Stimela‘, the lead single from Wynter Gordon’s ‘Doleo‘, the first of a set of 4 free EP’s (collectively titled ‘The Human Condition‘), is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Inspired by Hugh Masekala’s anti-apartheid song of the same name, ‘Stimela‘ is an eclectic mix of African Pop-meets-Folk-meets-Soul – arguably a stand-out track from Wynter’s entire discography. Her vocal prowess has never been so deeply or thoroughly explored on her previous dance smashes like ‘Dirty Talk‘ or ‘Buy My Love‘. I’d prefer this Wynter over the Electro-Pop Wynter any day! And this same streak runs through the entire EP. ‘Doleo‘ is available for free (couldn’t get any better than this y’all) on For someone who has written songs for Mary J Blige, Danity Kane, Jennifer Lopez and Flo Rida – it’s high time Wynter focused on the global release of a full-length album. Her d├ębut, ‘With The Music I Die‘ saw a release in Australia only, and that’s totally not fair. If I were you, I wouldn’t sleep on Wynter Gordon.

Check out ‘Stimela‘ right here :