Stuck In My Head : Ellie Goulding’s ‘Hanging On’ Featuring Tinie Tempah

In case you didn’t know, British songbird Ellie Goulding is now a household name in the US, and is a soon-to-be slayer of all your faves globally. Ellie’s 2010 début album ‘Lights‘ went straight to # 1 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart upon its release, spawning the # 2 hit, a cover of Elton John’s ‘Your Song‘. And of course, the US – being pioneers of good music with a keen eye for promoting global talent – took notice with lightening speed. 2 years to be precise. ‘Lights‘ – the title track from Ellie’s début album finally crawled its way up the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually reached a new peak of # 4 a fortnight ago, and is still going strong – just when Ellie unveiled the title of her sophomore album ‘Halycon‘ to be released later this year, featuring collaborations with Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia.

As a prelude to the album, Ellie Goulding released a new track – a cover of Active Child’s ‘Hanging On‘ featuring Rapper Tinie Tempah – and the result is totally non-disappointing! One word to describe the new track? Haunting. Ellie’s falsetto over the gentle instrumentation and harmonies literally gives the song a mystical and ethereal feel. I especially love the intro with the string segment when her harmonies take over – lush and surreal – it totally sets the dreamy mood for the song. CHILLS.

The only drawback of the song? Rapper Tinie Tempah is a complete misfit in an otherwise flawless song. His voice completely destroys the pace of the song while jolting you out of the delicate nature of the track. And his verse could only be described as painfully juvenile – ‘there’s something about your cleavage, now I can’t put my fingers on it‘. I only hope a Rap-free version makes it to the album, and thankfully Tinie’s nowhere in the video for the song (although his verse makes the cut, unfortunately). Still, the track’s way too good for a stupid Rap verse to destroy it. Check out Ellie’s ‘Hanging On‘ right here :