Throwback Tuesday : ‘Show Me Heaven’ By Maria McKee

Throwback Tuesday y’all! Isn’t nostalgia amazing?

Now, the thing about Maria McKee’s ‘Show Me Heaven‘ is that it sounds completely incredible even today. In case you’re wondering who in the world is she and what the hell IS this song – slap yourselves first. And then relax and get comfy as I update you on this stunning ballad that made 1990 one of my fave years EVER (that and Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation 1814‘ of course – but religious views shall be withheld in any blog post here).

Maria McKee was already an established singer-songwriter since 1982 as a part of the Country-Rock band Lone Justice, but it was her 1990 single ‘Show Me Heaven‘ from the soundtrack of the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman-starring ‘Days Of Thunder‘ that catapulted her to solo stardom. A dreamy, lush ballad with some incredibly haunting power-vocals (rather Cyndi Lauper-ish) – the song was the perfect choice for a movie like ‘Days Of Thunder‘, especially as a background for the intimate scenes (thousands, if not millions of girls – and about an equal number of boys – could push their grandmas, husbands, boyfriends in front of an 18-wheeler to be in Nicole Kidman’s shoes).

I was all of 8 years of age – and this was one of the first ballads that literally mesmerized me (that’s right – I went on to own every Celine Dion and Mariah Carey cassette and CD following puberty). But then is there ANYTHING better than a ballad? Ask Adele.

Show Me Heaven‘ spent 4 weeks at # 1 on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart, and placed itself within the top 5 in many a country. Surprisingly though, the song missed out on the Billboard Hot 100 entirely, managing to peak at # 28 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. I honestly will NEVER understand how America follows music.

In the mood for something positively dreamy? Give this one a shot!