Video Premiere : Cheryl Cole’s ‘Under The Sun’

Here’s the thing. Cheryl Cole is a legitimately luscious lady WHO CAN DO NO WRONG people. While it’s doomsday for Twihards like me (in case you haven’t heard – the very amazing Kristen Stew has cheated on the even more amazing Rob Patt – essentially leading us to cease our very being), and the Jackson family drama is enough to thoroughly depress a Janatic – we have the sun shining in the form of the radiant Miss Cole’s fancy new video for the second single ‘Under The Sun‘ from her 3rd studio album ‘A Million Lights‘. The Anthony Mandler directed clip shows Cheryl displaying some major swag, and some rather sexy moves in a setting straight out of Janet Jackson’s ‘Alright‘, ‘When I Think Of You‘ and ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately‘ – that diner in the end of the video and the way Cheryl struts her stuff totally reminds me of Janet’s classics from ‘Control‘! Check out the perfect Mizz Cole’s ‘Under The Sun‘ right here :