Introducing…Elle Varner!

I need a shot of you on the rocks, cause I’m down to my very last drop!

Ladies, ladyboys and gentlemen – say hello to a rising American R’n’B songbird all set to slay your entire lives, Mizz Elle Varner. The 23-year-old chanteuse’s vocal style may well be described as a subtle blend of songstress supreme Alicia Keys and Soul vixen Keyshia Cole, and for the past week or so – I CANNOT get enough of Elle’s new single ‘Refill‘.

Elle Varner’s been around since 2011, when her début single ‘Only Wanna Give It ToYou‘ featuring J. Cole was released and it steadily made its way up the Billboard R’n’B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart, eventually peaking at # 20. The single will now be included in her highly anticipated début album ‘Perfectly Imperfect‘ scheduled for release on August 7th. While ‘Only Wanna Give It To You‘ was a preview of what the album might shape up to be, it’s the second single ‘Refill‘ that has garnered enough attention on the radio for people to sit up and take notice. The yearning Pop & Oak produced Soul ballad effortlessly blends in Varner’s charismatic vocals over an 808 drum beat and a rather intriguing melody that gets stuck in your head (especially the part where she croons ‘Can I Get a Re-ee-ee-fill‘).

Refill‘ is already making major moves on the Billboard R’n’B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart – where it becomes Varner’s first top 10 hit. While ‘Refill‘ is all set to slay – the equally amazing third single titled ‘I Don’t Care‘ is already being released to radio. ‘I Don’t Care‘ sounds like something lifted straight out of a Jill Scott-Alicia Keys duets album – and I’m immediately adding this one to my never-ending baby-making playlist! A perfect mid-tempo Soul jam for a warm summer night, preferably with someone special by your side, and most definitely with no clothes on.

Perfectly Imperfect‘ is definitely on my list of must-buy albums this year. Undiluted classic Soul/R’n’B is hard to find these days – thankfully we have Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange‘ that should teach artists like Usher and Chris Brown a thing or two about sticking to your roots. And Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole are just on the verge of releasing their new albums, so there’s hope after all. I wouldn’t sleep on Elle Varner if I were you. The girl has a promising set of pipes. Lets see how far she goes!