Throwback Tuesday : Faith Hill’s ‘Breathe’

Y’all know something? There’s quite literally no one else who can make Country music as insanely sexy as the flaw-free Goddess supreme Shania Twain – with the sole exception of the one and only impeccably perfect chanteuse Faith Hill (if you’re thinking about Taylor Swift at this very moment I’d suggest euthanasia for you). Unless y’all were completely oblivious to what was going on around you back in the 90’s, the world in its entirety was irrevocably in love with Shania Twain. Her sneeze would probably go multi-platinum if recorded and released. Shania dominated with ‘The Woman In Me‘ and ‘Come On Over‘ – the highest selling album of all time by a female vocalist – and she changed the face of Country music forever, especially for female Country vocalists. It was cool to experiment and cross-over to Pop, and Country Radio as well as Pop Radio accepted and embraced Shania’s Country-Pop sound. Around the same time, Faith Hill – a bona fide Country superstar in her own right – was about to make a gutsy move from Contemporary Country to Country-Pop/Rock – at the risk of alienating her roots and abandoning her core Country fans.

The result? One of the biggest selling Country albums of all time, THE biggest hit of the year 2000 in the US, and 3 Grammy Awards – for starters. Although the crossover of Faith Hill was evident in her 3rd studio album, the 6-times-platinum ‘Faith‘ released in 1998, it was with 1999’s ‘Breathe‘ that the crossover was complete. The stunning video for the title track and the first single – a soaring power-ballad celebrating love – showcased Faith’s ample vocal prowess, and propelled Faith into the same league as Shania Twain, and her metamorphosis as a full-fledged diva was complete.

The album ‘Breathe‘ debuted at # 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart – becoming the first of 3 albums by her to reach the coveted top spot, while the title track peaked at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the Hot Country Songs Chart – eventually being declared the biggest hit of the year 2000 by Billboard Magazine, spending an astounding 53 weeks on the Hot 100. Faith Hill dominated Country and Pop that year, and it was because of ‘Breathe‘ that she became a global superstar. Faith also carried home 3 Grammy’s for ‘Breathe‘, while the album sold a whopping 8 million copies in the US alone – her biggest hit till date. Easily one of my fave albums and songs of all time – and definitely a must-buy for all of you who think Taylor Swift created Country. Check out an incredibly sensual Faith Hill heating things up with ‘Breathe‘ right here :