Must Watch : Nelly Furtado’s Mind-Blowing Lyric Video For ‘Spirit Indestructible’!

And now for something flawlessly brilliant by, well, the flawlessly brilliant Nelly Furtado.

There are roughly a bazillion reasons why I love me some Nelly. But this takes it to a whole new level y’all. Late last night, as I was going about my usual routine of doing positively nothing besides lamenting (for no particular reason apart from the fact that I’m a ruthlessly cynical windbag along with being the most adorbz blogger ever), and gawking at my computer screen scouting for new music, THIS popped up – the title track of Nelly Furtado’s feverishly anticipated 4th English language studio album, ‘The Spirit Indestructible‘, accompanied by an official lyric video.

Rare is the instance of a song coming along (especially in an age where women-bashers are awarded Grammy’s and it’s ok to promote rampant drug-use in your videos), that motivates, inspires and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. The Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins produced ‘Spirit Indestructible‘ is easily one of those tracks – a stunning testimony of the power of human perseverance. Over an infectious hook, lush melodies, and a booming bass which kicks in after the intro, Nelly declares – “Through my tired eyes, I phase out the rain. With a meditation, I erase my pain“.

It’s not just the superbly crafted song which affected me, it’s the combination if the song with the incredible lyric video – a video that was beyond a humbling experience to the point of me getting totally teary-eyed. The lyric video features Nelly’s friend Spencer West, a man born with a genetic disease that forced doctors to amputate both his limbs at the age of 5. As Nelly defiantly sings “I’ve got chains on my feet, but not in my mind” , we get to witness Spencer, without his legs, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, all the way to the very top with his arms and hands to raise awareness for Free The Children in Kenya – a cause that’s close to Nelly. Spencer’s story is a befitting example of the power of perseverance of the human mind and body – and a story apt for a song as amazing as this. I was moved to tears by the end of it – watching Spencer dance with his hands while accomplishing a seemingly impossible task.

This truly re-defines the power of music. A compelling and uplifting story of hope, self-confidence and inner strength – I’m floored with what Nelly Furtado has created. I’m spellbound by both the video and the song. Throughout all the times I keep lamenting about trivial issues, this is the kinda stuff that jolts me back to reality, reassuring me about the indestructible power of my own spirit.


Watch the video right here :