Song Premiere : Pink’s ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’!

“I think you’re full of shit, my head is spinning so blow me one last kiss”

You hear that? You do, don’t you? That’s the sound of every credible Pop star collectively leaving their wigs at the doorstep. Why you ask? Well firstly –

Stop your entire life.

Y’all know the kinda news that makes your day? This is one such piece of news. The very fact that Pop Goddess, iconic video vixen, bona-fide ass-kicker and extraordinarily flawless Pink is back with a brand new single is just about enough for me to make it through this entire month (until No Doubt’s new single makes its feverishly anticipated début anyway). Pink FINALLY returns with a brand new single, her first since 2010’s ‘Fuckin’ Perfect‘ – and ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)‘ is yet another edgy ex-bashing diss-fest with an explosive chorus – Pink’s signature style! It’s hard to believe Pink’s a mommy now (to her adorable daughter Willow) – cuz she’s pretty much her typical bad-ass self when it comes to her music – something that the world in general totally adores! ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)‘ is a Pop-Rock anthem that has ‘radio smash’ written all over it, and like I’ve always harped before – Pink deserves way much more than what she’s credited with. More than a decade in the business, she’s consistently released albums and singles that have slayed the charts – not to mention some of the most memorable live performances of all time (‘Glitter In The Air‘ at the 2010 Grammy Awards – may I just say, iconic?). Check out the Greg Kurstin written track right here :