Alicia Keys Unveils Buzz Single ‘New Day’!

The year just keeps getting better and better y’all! Why you ask? Cuz the flawless Mizz Alicia Keys has just unveiled a brand new track that previews her 5th studio album scheduled for release later this year!


Music is saved, the world is perfect, your faves have been slayed etc etc.

Introduced as a buzz single so far, ‘New Day‘ is a triumphant return to form for Mizz Keys. Produced by her husband Swizz Beatz, the drum-heavy uplifting Soul jam could very well be released as the proper first single. Vocally, Alicia soars as usual – the ‘eh eh eh‘ hook is INSANE! And it’s good to see Alicia in a celebratory mood – she has yet to release a happy first single previewing her new album – think ‘Fallin‘, ‘You Don’t Know My Name‘, ‘No One‘ and ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything‘ – her prior first singles from her 4 studio albums – all of which have been rather melancholic. Check out ‘New Day‘ right here :