Stuck In My Head : Owl City’s ‘Take It All Away’

Y’all do remember Owl City right? That insane Billboard # 1 song ‘Fireflies‘ was ridiculously stuck in my head back in 2009 (I never really could understand the lyrics FYI – like  ‘Cause I’d get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs, as they tried to teach me how to dance‘ – umm, omg? The song sounded amazing though). Anyway, Owl City a.k.a Adam Young just released a 4-song EP last month called ‘Shooting Star‘, and this fantastic number called ‘Take It All Away‘ is included on the EP. Soaring vocals, a beautiful melody, the building chords, the polished synths, lyrics that my slow brain understands – may I just say – sublime?

Shooting Star‘ previews Owl City’s 4th studio album ‘The Midsummer Station‘, scheduled for release on August 14, 2012, and the UK on September 17, 2012. A soon to be smash? Expected – especially with Dr Luke and Stargate on board for the new record. Although judging from the sounds of ‘Shooting Star‘, I’m glad the lush and dreamy sounds of ‘Fireflies‘ and ‘Vanilla Sky‘ that made Owl City a household name and a chart staple is still there. Check out ‘Take It All Away‘ right here :