Must Watch Gig Of The Week : Gods Robots Live At Out Of The Box, New Delhi, June 9th!

Y’all definitely do NOT wanna miss out on this one!

Cross-continental duo Gods Robots (that’s without an apostrophe – so save yourselves the lecture about using proper grammar etc) has been making all the right kinda moves lately. Their tranquil, yet triumphant sound – a heady and eclectic mix of Electronica, Dubstep, Indian Classical, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, Drumstep interwoven with some incredibly lush vocals  – have led them to be featured on MTV Iggy twice. BBC Radio 1 hails them as ‘the band to watch out for‘. And the fact that they’ve been snapped up by a major record company and are about to release their first full length album in a coupla months should be reason enough for y’all to head to OTB this Saturday, the 9th of June, 2012, to watch them unleash a sonic extravaganza! And in case you’ve been way too busy to notice all the hoopla surrounding the band, here, have a look at their début video ‘Stay‘. May I just say..genre-bending?

The band, comprising of San Francisco based DJ Janaka Selekta and Mumbai based powerhouse chanteuse Shridevi Keshavan, will be playing songs from their début EP ‘Stormy Weather‘, along with some brand new stuff that previews the sound of their upcoming full length album. I’ve already had the incredible opportunity to interview (read it right here) and hang out with the band (yes, I do have a rather interesting job), and the incredibly lush and melancholic title track of the EP ‘Stormy Weather‘ is already an insane addiction for me (which, for the record, I’m still bumping on a daily basis). Yes – I’m hungry for more! It’s definitely rare to see a band here in India delve so unabashedly into genres other than Rock and Metal, and dare to define their sound as Pop.

Don’t forget to catch the duo live at Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, on the 9th of June, 2012, 10 pm! They’ll be joined by Suhail Yusuf of Advaita on Sarangi, and Electronic Fakir on multi Percussion. This should be enough to hold my hyper-enthusiasm until their eventual major-label début. I would have ended this post by declaring Gods Robots as ‘a band to watch out for‘. The thing is, by now, everyone is already watching.

Y’all know where to find me on Saturday night!