It’s Crouching Coldplay, Hidden Rihanna In ‘Princess Of China’!


Firstly I need to rant a bit. Why wait for so, SOOO long to release a video for undoubtedly the best track Coldplay and Rihanna have come up with in years? Especially since the song received extraordinarily amazing reviews on its release almost 10 months ago, debuting at # 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 based on downloads alone, irrespective of being officially released to radio? We’re living in an age when a song flies in at # 1, only to disappear entirely from our playlists the very next day just cuz we’ve moved on to the next best thing, so why not cash in on the moment the song’s red hot?

Either way, the highly anticipated video for Coldplay and Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China‘ finally makes its début. The incredibly lush tune from Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto‘ gets some mesmerizing visuals, think Memoirs Of A Geisha or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. What a surprise. But for those of you eagerly waiting for the video, tone it down y’all. It’s just visuals, and that’s about it. For a song that literally exudes a palpable pain of lost love and the broken-hearted blues, a little more of a story line was in order. Chris Martin looks fiercely delicious in this glossy Kung-Fu extravaganza, and he does try his best to emote. Rihanna, however, could really REALLY do with some acting lessons. We have Chris Martin looking torn and irrevocably in love, boring into Rihanna’s eyes conveying his pain when he laments ‘You Stole My Star‘. A bamboo pole would have elicited a little more emotion than what Rihanna managed.

With some stellar vocals, the song builds up to an incredible crescendo, my fave part of the song, when both Rihanna and Martin’s vocals soar in unison singing, ‘You Really Hurt Me‘. Of course, my expectations for a stunning climax in the video were sky-high. Like Rihanna being sliced cleanly in two pieces by that massive sword Martin wields, or maybe Martin being gobbled up a dragon which Rihanna commands. And OMG DID YOU SEE THOSE NAILS ON RIHANNA?? I actually expected Rihanna to slaughter Martin in the end with those (clearly I live in my own world of fairy tales and dragons). The actual climax? Well, there isn’t one. Guess it’s just a fun visual instead of turning out to be an epic video. Watch it right here :