Video Premiere : Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’

Glamberts! Rejoice!

In case you’re not a chart-geek like me, Adam Lambert’s sophomore album ‘Trespassing‘ just debuted atop the Billboard 200 Albums Chart earlier this week FYI. Path breaking? Yes indeed! Lambert becomes the first openly gay artist to début at # 1, re-writing history. While Elton John and George Michael have all had # 1 albums before, none of them were open about their sexuality. Coincidence that none of their albums made it to the top after they came out publicly? We may never know. Way to go Adam!

Check out Adam’s second video from the album, The Bruno Mars-penned Dr Luke-produced ‘Never Close Our Eyes‘ that was just released a while ago. I’m thoroughly impressed with the entire album, and this particular number – boasting of some glitzy synths, killer beats and a soaring chorus – is one of my fave cuts from the album. Depicting a futuristic prison where Adam and his co-prisoners are held hostage and fed on meals in the form of pills while being subjected to what appears to be memory/identity eradication – while literally not blinking throughout the first half of the video, the video might just have more of an agenda to prove. When Adam rebels, breaks the rules and makes his escape while unleashing some fierce choreography with his posse amidst a neon-fest, it’s hard to miss out on the triumphant moment in music for the LGBT community as a whole, who have long been suppressed and not given enough credit irrespective of their monumental contributions to music. It’s about time already! Check out the video right here :