Donna Summer..Thank You For The Music.

It’s an incredibly sad day in music, rather an incredibly sad year so far. As you must have already heard, the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, breathed her last yesterday, at the age of 63. I have yet to completely recover from the loss of Whitney earlier this year, and this piece of news certainly didn’t help improve things. One of the most successful vocalists of all time, with 4 Billboard # 1 singles, 5 Grammy’s, a back-catalog of over 40 years and a legacy that few can boast of, how can you NOT love Donna when you’ve grown up listening to artists like Madonna, Kylie, TLC, Janet Jackson etc.? Listening to these artists and being intrigued by them made me go back to the basics, and that’s how I got into Donna’s music about a decade and a half ago. ‘I Feel Love‘, ‘Bad Girls‘, ‘Love To Love You Baby‘ and ‘Hot Stuff‘ – my 4 fave Donna Summer songs of all time – were way..WAY ahead of their time. Considering that Madonna and Gaga have virtually recreated their entire careers reviving what Donna created back in the day, her contribution to music has been nothing short of spectacular, and is relevant even today. As a fan, I’ve devoured each album and single of hers, and every intricate detail of her style of disco fascinated me, helping me deconstruct the style of music that followed after Donna’s arrival in the 70’s and then the 80’s and the 90’s.

Thank you for the music Donna, Rest In Peace. The Heavens are surely lucky to have the ‘Last Dance‘ with you.