Song Premiere : ‘Jumanji’ By Azealia Banks

Alright I admit it, I’m soooper pumped about upcoming Rapstress and potty-mouth princess Azealia Banks releasing her full-length solo album soon! It’s about time already eh Azealia? Considering that ‘212‘ is one of THE most played song on my playlist as of now (I listen to it when I drag my backside out for a jog aka an uber-lazy stroll), and the song’s roaring up the charts in Europe, I can safely assume that Azealia is here to stay. The rest of my playlist boasts of singles by Nicki Minaj, M.I.A, Iggy Azalea on loop, re-enforcing my ¬†faith in Rap. With Missy and Eve getting back to business this year, this really feels like 1996-2001 all over again!

Check out ‘Jumanji‘, Azealia’s new song that boasts of productions by Brooklyn House DJ Nick Hook and Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke. Killer beats, infectious hooks and some¬†feisty rapping my Mizz Banks right here :