Raheel’s Choice : 5 Essential Albums To Watch Out For In 2012!



In 2011 artists such as Adele (see the adelegend’s meteoric rise equal Bob Dylan’s record here), The Black Keys and Cage The Elephant came out with some really memorable tracks that got us hooked for months. To be honest, I’m still no where close to getting over ‘El Camino’. On the other hand newbies like Young The Giant and Foster The People brought something new to the table and got us excited for what’s in store for us in the future (currently humming ‘Call It What You Want‘ as I write this)

The year ahead raises many questions. Will Santana’s next album ‘Shape Shifter’ be any better than his previous one? Or will Leonard Cohen’s comeback and his insanely deep voice ruin my chances of getting any girls?
Anyway, now that we are well into 2012, some of the biggest artists from decades across are slated to make their new album releases this year. Artists that you and I have grown up listening to.

Here’s 5 that  I’m really excited about, and should probably get you marking your calendar dates as well.


 Linkin Park’s last album ‘A Thousand Suns‘ was another smashing success for the band. What a surprise. These guys just seem to have a knack of churning out hits and just when you think it’s getting oh so monotonous they evolve some aspects of their music and yet retain LP’s essence. Their new album is called ‘Living Things‘ scheduled to release on 26th June. It’s single ‘Burn It Down‘ is already available for listening on the bands official webpage. With technology at their disposal Linkin Park have made it their goal to release an album every 18 months. LP fans rejoice!

4. U2 – (Untitled)

U2’s collaboration with Danger Mouse (I’m not making this up) has been in the works for some time now. U2 claim to have as many as 3 projects on going since their 2009 release. One of them being a spiritual philosophical album, one a club mix featuring the likes of David Guetta and Will.I.Am. Let me stop right there for a moment. What is up with straight out rock bands making club and techno music nowadays?  Coldplay, The Killers and Maroon 5 have all shown such tendencies with  their recent recordings. Well the reason I’m excited about their 3rd project with  danger mouse is that it’s a traditional rock album. To Danger Mouse’s credit he has worked with bands like Gorillaz and, wait for it…….The Black Keys!! Woot!! And lets face it, U2 is at their best when they make their traditional rock songs. Those who want to see what I mean check out this live performance by them.


 It doesn’t even feel like this band is close to celebrating 25 years of punk rock greatness, and here they are recording their next studio release expected to come out sometime around 25th september. This album release is part of a trilogy of studio releases called ‘Uno’ (sep 2012), ‘Dos’ (nov 2012) and ‘Tre ‘(jan 2013). Too much too fast? After the huge success they had with ‘21st Century Breakdown‘ and well, most of their other albums too, I’m not questioning their methods until I actually hear the material. This is why green day’s new album is highly anticipated this year.

2. SOUNDGARDEN – (Untitled)


Soundgarden. The band that gave birth to Chris Cornell. One of the biggest bands in the 90’s ended up with all four original band members disbanding and following their own projects. But even Chris Cornell’s solo career or his time with Audioslave could not come close to Soundgarden’s original fame and aura. Now, 13 years since they went their own ways, the troop is back and recording a new EP set for release in october-november. Are the glory days back? We’ll have to wait and see.

 And now…. NUMERO UNO! the most awaited album of 2012!


Slash’s self titled début solo album was, in my opinion one of the best albums in quite a few years. I don’t care what the charts say. 8 out of 14 songs in that album were just phenomenal. Slash showed he was a pure musical genius AND had immense versatility as he covered different sub genres in one album brilliantly.  Talks, rumours and bated anticipation of his next solo album have followed ever since ‘Slash‘ released.

Apocalyptic Love‘ is what it’s called. This time though the tracks will not feature guests vocals for each song as the previous studio album. Myles Kennedy who also sang two songs on ‘Slash‘ will provide vocals for almost the entire album. When you consider that he was the first choice lead vocalist for Velvet Revolver, Slash’s eagerness to work with him for the whole album this time round doesn’t really seem that surprising. Just cannot wait for this one to come out.

So here you go! 5 extraordinarily amazing albums that should make a mark in 2012. Definitely worth watching out for! Keep checking the blog for more to come!