Ke$ha Writes Drag Queen Anthem, Remains Flawless.

“Big hair, nice rack / High heels, sweet ass… boy, you’re such a pretty lady!”

New music from our fave glitter-covered trash-pop princess Ke$ha ya’ll! Just when we thought Ke$ha would probably be somewhere in the emergency room getting her stomach pumped cuz of all those beards she’s been eating (watch her munching on a delicate beard right here), she unveils a funky new tune titled ‘Pretty Lady‘. The poignant song, which sounds like a demo so far, is an ode to men who love to dress like women, and that’s right. Your faves could never. Didn’t she also talk about not wanting to see her guy’s ‘man-jina‘ in the epic ‘Grow A Pear‘ from her ‘Cannibal‘ EP? And wasn’t her ‘Sleazy 2.0‘ video filled with men dressed up as women?

Flawless gender-bending manjina-creating princess remains FLAWLESS.

The song’s been produced by Pebe Sebert and Tom Neville. Who Pebe you ask? Well, for starters, she’s Ke$ha’s mom (why aren’t our moms this cool?). And she also happens to be a singer-songwriter. And drag stars Detox and Lady Lloyd make a cameo on the song as well. Listen to ‘Pretty Lady‘ right here :