Madonna Responds To Deadmau5 Diss On Twitter, Invites Justin Bieber On Stage

You’ve got to love the Queen! I mean how can you not? ‘MDNA‘ just released the day before yesterday (yayness!!), and surprisingly, Madonna’s kept the promos to a minimum, barely appearing on any shows at all. Strategically leaked snippets and singles from the album have literally created mayhem, and that’s just about enough for everybody and their grandma to know that she’s back with a new album. Madonna’s back y’all!

Last week after Madonna’s surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival to introduce Avicii, where she asked ‘How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?‘, progressive house and electro-house producer Deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse) took to his Facebook wall to rant against the Queen, posting :

“Seriously, i giveth not a fucking single FUCK for slating on madonna for reaching an entirely NEW level of idiocy… i can appreciate her meteoric career, and all good deeds done, but WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? That’s your big contribution to EDM? Thats your big message to ultra attendies? hipsterspeak for looking for drugs? fuck off you fucking IDIOT. fuck.”

Yesterday Madonna took to Twitter using the handle @MadonnaMDNAday, and answered questions from several fans and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres. And in response to Deadmau5’s diss, this was what Madonna tweeted to him,

Classic Madonna. It’s great that you have an opinion Deadmau5, but then it’s a relatively  easy job to voice them in a classy and acceptable way. Calling Madonna ‘a fucking idiot’ on a public forum doesn’t do much for her, it shows you in poor light. And considering that your entire discography has sold less than Madonna’s first album, people really don’t care about what you have to say. If you really want to make a change, let your music speak for itself, like Madonna’s did for the past 3 decades.

In response to Madonna, his is what Deadmau5 had to say,

“fair enough, i was just voicing my concerns as i usually do. +1 respect for clearing it up personally. Well there you have it kids. i’ve said what i needed to say, which ill still stand by, and so did she. life goes on. no more talk of that.”

Yeah whatever.

On a lighter note, Madonna kept her tradition of warming up with the coolest new artist in town, (like Britney, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland back in the day etc) by sending a tweet to Justin Bieber, who’s new single ‘Boyfriend‘ was just released.

Madonna tweeted,

“Come and join me on stage when I’m on tour when we are in the same city and congrats on your new single.”

To which Justin tweeted back,

“seeing that is a huge honor. Yours is a career artists dream of. Congrats on the new album!”

Lets just hope these two don’t get paired up on a new steamy remix video for ‘Girl Gone Wild‘. That’ll just NOT be ethically correct. Also it’s #reductive. The original video is pretty darn good by itself!

  • Varun

    I hate to admit this but the bieber single is sort of catchy, especially the rap lol