Listen : Pitbull’s New Single ‘Back In Time’ For ‘Men In Black 3′

For once, can someone NOT use dubstep? It was rad last year, but with everybody and their grandma trying it and overdoing it, we seriously need a break. The latest casualty of dubstep overdose? Mr. Pitbull. But then when it comes to his music, one seriously should not expect much apart from killer beats and infectious hooks and of course, cheesy lyrics. Certainly nothing path-breaking. So why am I even surprised the dubstep made it on his latest single. Ba-ding chum!

For his new single ‘Back In Time‘ for the soundtrack of the movie ‘Men In Black 3‘, Pitbull uses the hook from the song ‘Love Is Strange‘ by Micky and Sylvia (you’ll identify it the moment you hear it). And of course with a dubstep breakdown thrown in. Listen to the song right here :