Creed Working On New Album, Plans To Return To Classic Sound Of Creed

Remember Creed? The Scott Stapp led rock band that was literally everywhere during the second half of the 90’s and early 00’s with massive hits like ‘With Arms Wide Open‘, ‘My Sacrifice‘ and ‘Higher‘? I loved them back in the day, and its been awhile since they released some quality music. After 2001’s classic 6-times-Platinum certified Billboard # 1 album ‘Weathered‘, they disbanded, and reunited in 2009 to release ‘Full Circle‘, a half-baked underwhelming effort that was poorly received by fans and critics alike. Compared to the sales of their first three albums (especially their sophomore effort ‘Human Clay‘ in 1999 which was certified Diamond in the US for selling over 11 million copies in the US alone), ‘Full Circle‘ was a relative disappointment, barely selling over 500,000 copies in the US.

Thankfully for the band’s worldwide legion of fans, Creed is working on a new album that will bring back the classic sound of Creed, the sound which we fell in love with back in 1997 with the release of their début album ‘My Own Prison‘.

Mark Tremonti, the guitarist of Creed recently reported to Billboard Magazine,

“We got together with Scott (Stapp) and put together a handful of songs and got the arrangements and melodic ideas in place, and now it’s kind of in Scott’s lap to finish off he lyrics and track some demos so we can move on to the next batch.  So far, Creed has a good mix…It’s got one more radio-friendly type song, one rocking tune, one of the more drawn-out, finger-picked, long, five-minute kind of songs — just a little bit of everything people have heard in the past. I think with ‘Full Circle’ we tried to change the sound a little bit, but I think we’re gonna get back to what people expect from Creed.”

Meanwhile Creed is all set to embark on a tour from April 13th, during which they plan to work on new material, and following which they plan to record the album. Sounds good! They were huge back in the day, and that kinda music seriously never goes out of style. If they get it right, it’s likely that the band might return to form and on top of the charts with the new album. Eagerly anticipating this one.