Rihanna Unveils New Look For Coldplay’s ‘Princess Of China’

It’s amazing how a new Rihanna video causes mayhem these days! Back in the day when MTV actually played music, I remember waiting and squealing like a little piggy when a new Janet Jackson or a Madonna video would premiere! No leaked video clips, no TwitPics, no YouTube, just the real deal in its entirety, that would be played on heavy rotation later on. Sigh.

Anyway, so Rihanna’s decided to tease her fans aka the RihannaNavy with pics from the sets of the video ‘Princess Of China‘, her duet with Coldplay from their album ‘Mylo Xyloto‘. She recently took to Twitter (what else is new?) to unveil a series of pics that depict her as some sorta gangsta-geisha warrior princess. Fierceness indeed! Loving the white dress, the hair and the geisha-esque shoes! And in case you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I predicted the whole Chinese-warrior-outfit theme for the video months ago when the song released right here! You’re quite welcome!

I’ve been a major fan of Asian themes being used in music, especially by artists whom I’ve grown up following like Bjork (the cover of ‘Homogenic‘), Janet Jackson (the videos ‘If‘ and ‘Doesn’t Really Matter‘) and Madonna (the album ‘Ray Of Light‘ and the video ‘Nothing Really Matters‘). So no surprise at all, when I totally fell in love with the Coldplay and Rihanna duet, which in my opinion is Rihanna’s best work in years.

And of course, there has to be the ubiquitous pic of Rihanna giving her loyal fans the finger. It’s quite a trend she’s been following lately, especially after her series of duets with her ex-lover/molester Chris Brown. Only this time around, she’s wearing the biggest golden nails in the history of the planet.

And then of course there’s the pic of Rihanna smoking. I personally don’t encourage it, nor do I think it’s cool. But then it’s Rihanna. She makes being bashed into human pulp look cool y’all!

Can’t wait for this one. Definitely one of my fave songs by both Coldplay and Rihanna, I’ve been visualizing all kindsa stuff for the video. And it’s finally gonna be here soon! Listen to the song right here :

Pics from Twitter and RihannaDiva.