Nelly Furtado’s New Single Is…

After an impossibly long 6-year hiatus, Canadian chanteuse Nelly Furtado has decided to grace us fans with a brand new album this summer, titled ‘T.S.I’. The ‘I’m Like A Bird‘ songstress recently took to Twitter to reveal the name of the first single from the new album, and the new single is titled

‘Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)’

Whoa Nelly! Can’t wait! And from the name of the song itself, something tells me she’s bringing back her eclectic club-meets-the streets kinda sound! When it comes to some killer hooks and infectious beats, Nelly’s always delivered. She’s been in the game for over a decade now, and it’s about time she made her much awaited comeback, especially since her last album ‘Loose‘ topped the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and sold over a whopping 11 million copies worldwide, powered by the massive success of the singles ‘Promiscuous‘, ‘Maneater‘, ‘All Good Things Come To An End‘ and ‘Say It Right‘. I loved the cleverly crafted promotional campaign of the singles from ‘Loose‘ that ensured the album sold well globally. With the Timbaland-assisted ‘Promiscuous‘ catering to US radio (which seemed to be obsessed with Timbo’s Hip-Hop productions back in 2006), and the simultaneous release of ‘Maneater‘ in the UK due to its raw club-friendly sound, the album had different singles topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously. This was instrumental in the album being a global smash.

Watch Nelly Furtado talk about her new album right here :