Throwback Tuesday : Diana Krall’s ‘The Look Of Love’

It’s a Jazzy Throwback Tuesday folks, cuz Diana Krall’s in the house!

Earlier this week some friends and I decided to attend a Jazz Festival here in New Delhi, India. Jazz has a very niche following in this country, and it’s usually rare to chance upon a great Jazz band or performance on a regular basis here except for an occasional gig here and there. A concert of some standard Jazz classics sung to perfection is something that I’ve yearned to see here. I wasn’t exactly sure how the festival would turn out to be, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the venue packed to capacity! You could spot possibly everyone swaying to the music. There were the regular Jazz enthusiasts, the wannabe Jazz enthusiasts (who consider Norah Jones as the epitome of Jazz), the ones who were there to experience the hoopla and just have a great time, the ones who wanted to be seen at the ‘it’ event of the season, and the ones who had no idea what was going on. My friends and I ended up bumping into a whole lotta people we knew. Friends, acquaintances, frienemies, random uptight snooty assholes walking by (in case you’re reading this..Ha! I have a blog and you don’t, so shove it up losers!), fellow music enthusiasts, the works! By the time we reached the stage, Mexican Jazz chanteuse Magos Herrera had unleashed her velvety smooth soulful vocals to literally hypnotize the crowd. It’s true, music really does have no boundaries. The entire crowd of thousands cheered on as Magos and her band brought down the house transitioning effortlessly between Smooth Jazz to Bossa Nova, pushing us ever so subtly in the realms of sweet surrender.

5 minutes into the show, and there was only one comparison that came to my mind after listening to Magos Herrera’s voice, the incomparable Diana Krall. And hence, today’s Throwback Tuesday post!

Canadian singer/songwriter/producer and Jazz vocalist par excellence Diana Krall has been in the game for precisely 20 years. Her vast discography, dating back to her first release ‘Stepping Out‘ in 1993, comprises of 9 studio albums, a live album and 2 compilation albums, all of which have won her 5 Grammy Awards. My personal favorite is 2001’s ‘The Look Of Love‘, which became her first album to enter the top 10 of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, sold over 1.6 million copies in the US alone and won the Grammy for the Best Engineered Album (Non Classical) in 2002.

The Look Of Love‘ was a song originally sung by none other than The White Queen Of Soul, Dusty Springfield,and was composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1967 for the film ‘Casino Royale‘. Since then, there have been innumerable covers of this song by almost every singer on the planet who has a credible vocal range. From Diana Ross to Anita Baker, Dionne Warwick to Gladys Night, Marvin Gaye to Ronan Keating, they’ve all given the classic their own spin. There are two versions of the song stand out according to me. One by the High Priestess Of Soul, Miss Nina Simone, included in her 1967 album ‘Silk And Soul‘, and the other by Diana Krall.

Even if you’re not a Jazz enthusiast, or an enthusiast of any kinda music at all, I’d suggest you give this lilting number a listen late at night when you’re about to relax with some chamomile, or when you’re about to sleep, or if you’re in the mood to make some babies. Diana’s elegant, sensual and extravagantly lush vocals  weave an exuberant state of dreamy seductive euphoria that’s bound to get you addicted. It’s a whispery one-on-one with Diana. The piano solo towards the conclusion of the song, with a little help from the London Symphony Orchestra, is the stuff that intimate, subtly erotic and vulnerable moments of staying in are all about. Give it a listen right here :