Watch : Alexandra Burke Covers Janet Jackson’s ‘Lets Wait Awhile’

By now y’all should know that I’m THE BIGGEST FAN ALIVE of Her Janesty, the epitome of flawlessness and overall S-L-A-Y-E-R OF EVERYTHING EVER Mizz Janet Jackson. So I was most definitely a little skeptical and apprehensive while watching the amazing Alexandra Burke, the 2008 winner of X-Factor (UK), and quite the flawless diva herself, cover a Janet anthem. And after watching Alexandra cover the iconic ‘Let’s Wait Awhile‘ for SoulCulture TV, the classic from Janet Jackson’s 1986 breakthrough album ‘Control‘, here’s my verdict :

She NAILED it!

Firstly, it’s not an easy task covering Janet Jackson. Janet may not have the most powerful set of pipes in the bizness, but her songs have the signature Janet touch that cannot be covered by even the biggest voices in music. A ‘Nasty‘ or an ‘Anytime, Anyplace‘ can be justified by Janet, and Janet only. Alexandra kept the innocent spirit of the classic alive, and delivered some of her best vocals to date, without overdoing it. There wasn’t a single moment in her vocal delivery that I cringed. Perfect, JUST PERFECT! Watch it right here :

Alexandra’s new single ‘Elephant‘ was released this week in the UK, and her sophomore album, scheduled for release in a few months, has been tentatively titled ‘Okay Dot Com‘.

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