Missy Elliott Makes A Comeback On J.Cole’s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’

One of THE most highly anticipated comebacks this year has to be the incomparable Missy Elliott’s first album in 7 years, ‘Block Party‘, scheduled for a June release. Undoubtedly one of the greatest rappers of all time, Missy’s blazed a trail for more than a decade and a half, and it’s about time she returned to reclaim the throne that’s rightfully hers. I honestly cannot wait for ‘Block Party‘, especially since it follows the flawless 2005 masterpiece ‘The Cookbook‘. Can’t June be here already? Until then, Missy’s giving us a teaser on what to expect later this year as her collaboration with J. Cole ‘Nobody’s Perfect‘ from the latter’s ‘Cole World : The Sideline Story‘ gets the video treatment. And all I can say is lessers, you might just wanna step aside and save your wigs, cuz Missy’s BACK! I’ve totally missed her often imitated style and cheeky verses, and it just reminded me why she still rules the game! And it’s fun to watch Missy actually sing in the video instead of rap! She does have an amazing set of pipes that are highly underused as far as power-vocals are concerned. Watch the video right here :