Important Update : Here’s A Photo Of Ke$ha…Eating A Beard.

So Ke$ha just turned 25 recently, and this is how she chose to celebrate the joyous occasion. That’s right guys, cutting a cake is officially OUT of fashion. So in case you’re turning 25 soon, you know what to do #BirthdaySwag

This milestone achievement of the ‘Tik Tok‘ singer’s career was followed by another, as she crossed 3 million followers on Twitter! I just hope this does not start an alarming trend of eating beards. The next thing we know, Nicki Minaj’s eating one, Katy Perry’s eating one, and Lady Gaga’s possibly GROWING one and then eating it #MassHysteria

Either way, Ke$ha will be releasing her feverishly anticipated new album soon, and until then y’all can check out Ke$ha’s obsession with beards on her Tumbler. It’s actually very amazing.