Stuck In My Head : Bon Iver’s ‘Towers’

2012 has been incredibly kind to Bon Iver so far, (helloo.. 2 Grammy’s including the coveted Best New Artist trophy?), and the Justin Vernon led indie-folk band deserve every bit of it. Their self titled sophomore album, which debuted at # 2 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart last year, is a sonic extravaganza of lush melodies, and their layered vocal harmonies bring about an ethereal feel to the entire album.

Towers‘ is the 3rd single from the album ‘Bon Iver’, and it recently got the video treatment as well. The song is dreamy, mournful and melancholic, and it encompasses the very essence of the album. I especially enjoy the layered vocal arrangements on this particular song, and Justin’s soulful falsetto literally haunts you. The Nabil Elderkin (‘Holocene‘) directed video is a stunning cinematic clip, in which an old man seemingly goes about his daily routine, until you realize he’s headed off to sea to meet his doom. The giant wooden towers in the ocean look especially eerie. Watch the video right here :

According to Nabil,

“When Justin sent me a breakdown of what certain parts/lines of the song meant to him I did my best to decode it and curate into something simple, and hopefully the viewer can take from it their own feeling of what the towers represent. It was shot up in Washington state, mostly on Indian-preserved land, and our actor’s name was Mystic. He seemed to be very tuned into the land, and when he said he was also willing to fall into the freezing cold ocean up there (seems a bit sharky too), I knew he was my guy.”

In case you’re into folk, or if lush layered melodies are your thing, you should definitely give Bon Iver’s self titled album a try. It’s an irresistible collection of austere melodies that you’re bound to enjoy.