Throwback Tuesday : Des’ree’s ‘You Gotta Be’

‘Listen as your day unfolds, challenge what the future holds

Try and keep your head up to the sky

Lovers, they may cause you tears

Go ahead release your fears, stand up and be counted

Don’t be ashamed to cry’


It’s Throwback Tuesday again! Yay-time for a kick-ass song that blazed a trail back in the day!

And today I’ve picked a song that was literally a rage during my school days, and it still sounds as fresh, fun and inspirational today like it used to back in the day. British Pop/Soul vocalist Desiree Annette Weeks aka Des’ree’s uplifting and infectious ‘You Gotta Be‘ was the first single from her sophomore 1994 album ‘I Ain’t Movin’‘.┬áThe lush mid-tempo R’n’B/Pop track had an instantly lovable melody and feel-good lyrics, and Des’ree’s deep, rich and smooth vocal delivery made this one endearing and timeless! It literally oozed positivity.┬áThe elegant black-and-white video was a simple affair, and that added to the charm of the song. The video received major airplay and was on constant rotation on MTV, and that’s how I became a fan. You couldn’t miss this one when you came back home from school and switched on MTV back then in ’95.

You Gotta Be‘ became a smash around the world, charting high everywhere, including # 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995. The song was released thrice in the UK due to its continued popularity, and eventually the 1999 version charted at # 10 on the UK Top 40, its peak position there.

Again, like my previous Throwback Tuesday posts, this song’s pure nostalgia. It’s a classic, and it still sounds so damn amazing every time I listen to it. You might just catch me go completely bonkers whenever I hear the starting piano/synth strains of the song, and Des’ree walks in wearing black in the video for the song!

Sheer amazing-ness!